This time last year I was in Miami and although the weather was pretty bad, I cant help but miss is. Eating delicious bowls of Mexican from Koyo Taco  or Chef Creole all while sipping on my Panther coffee are just a few things I wish I was doing right now. This year I did not plan my vacations in advance so I am in Chicago for the holidays which is OK considering Chicago did not really start winter until Dec 1 and the weather has been pretty mild. I can’t really complain, but I still miss what used to be my home town. The only thing I can do now, other than plan a trip in January, is reminisce about last years Art Basel weekend look through my pictures from last year and maybe put on a bit of self tanner.

Art Basel is a really interesting time in Miami. So many artists come from all over the world to show their work and the city is filled with lots of art and gorgeous graffiti especially in neighborhoods like Wynwood. The best part is that as you walk around Wynwood you can actually see all the artists working on their walls. The art is changed up almost every few days and every time you walk by you will see something else that is new and fresh and beautiful, its like an ever changing modern museum. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

I think one of my goals for 2017 will be going to more museums and seeing more art. Have you ever been to Art Basel? Share your favorite art pieces from Basel or just from anywhere else with me.

Stay tuned for the outfit that I wore to the closing party.