I absolutely love doubly duty products, so I wanted to share how you can get double the use from some of my favorite Glossier products. Here are some of my tips and tricks starting with my favorite cleanser ever, Milky Jelly Cleanser. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser: I travel a lot and I tend to forget to bring my shaving cream all the time. So the last few times I have traveled I doubled my Milky Jelly Cleanser as shaving cream. Its especially good for more sensitive areas like armpits and bikini line. Since it’s made with rosewater, its calming, and the hydration does wonders with keeping the skin moisturized so that the shave is close and smooth.

Balm Dot Com: I use the clear balm dot com to set my eyebrows in a cinch. A small amount goes a long way, I do this when I am late to work in the car to set my unruly brows, or even tame my regular fly aways.

Glossier Gloss: I have used gloss on my lids for as long as I can remember, an Glossier gloss is perfect for it. I use a few dabs of this on my lids without any eye shadow. It gives that amazing ‘wet’ look, and it lasts.Although, I am sure, if you are attempting a Pat McGrath look with some creamy shadows you can use gloss on top of those too.

Super Pure Serum: Razor bumps, meet your match! Yup, that’s right, another double duty product, and a topic that no one likes talking about, but if you suffer from razor bumps you should try this. The niacinamide a.k.a Vitamin B3, and zinc formula soothes redness and calms blemishes. This serum is amazing for acne on the face, but it can be used anywhere that is broken out. It’s such a gentle, but powerful serum. My boyfriend also uses Super pure after shaving, so you know its good.


What are some alternative ways that you use products?