Breakfast Cemita and Potato Hash

I have been so blessed to have lived in places where there is so much incredible food. I never run out of new places to try, but I have also found a few staples that I go to almost every weekend. Dove’s is a place that I want to keep all to myself, but its so good I can’t help but tell people about it. Maybe one day I can share this sandwich on ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate.’ Anyway, on this week’s Foodie Fridays we are covering the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten. 

You know when you eat something and you cannot believe how good every bite is. You expect the amazingness to die down after a few bites because inevitably your taste buds should get used to it, but this is not like that. Every bite of this breakfast Cemita from Dove’s is more incredible than the next.

The Cemita bun is a perfect is soft and toasted and the perfect vehicle for the green chile chicken sausage, the fluffiest scrambled eggs, melting Muenster cheese, smoked pepper aioli, crunchy french fried onion rings, and the most amazing maple syrup glaze.

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but prepare to spend the best 15-20 minutes of your life with this sandwich. Ask for napkins and wipes, and don’t be shy to get into it. Getting maple syrup all over yourself is a must, or it didn’t count.