The first time I went to Seattle was for an SMX Advanced Marketing conference. And the day I had to fly back home, my flight was delayed, so a bunch of coworkers and I found a random good brunch spot and parked there for a few hours until our flight. The place is called Americana, it sits on Broadway and comes up as one of the best brunch places around. As always, I was trying to choose between two dishes and the waitress immediately suggested I try the french toast as it is “the best french toast I will ever have.” I laughed, how good can french toast really be? I ordered it, and I have ordered nothing else when I have gone back since then. 

I am not sure how they make this french toast, but it is the most crunchy crispy, but super moist and incredible inside. They always serve it with seasonal fruit, so I have never had the same one twice. I am not kidding when I say this is the crunchiest french toast ever! The way the crunchy parts of the toast absorb the warm syrup and the juices from the fruit and then burst in your mouth is amazing. Its crunchy its syrupy and moist, sweet and a little sour from the fruit, its warm and its just a brunch celebration in your mouth. 

If you’re ever in the Seattle area, check out Americana for brunch and do yourself a favor and order the french toast. Tell the waitress the girl from Chicago who is obsessed with the French Toast sent you.