When Small Cheval first opened, the lines were out the door every day, and I really was not willing to stand in line for 2 hours for pretty much anything. Once I did try this burger, about 6 months after the place opened. I have been eating it on average every 2 weeks. It is, currently, my favorite burger.

Small cheval is the sister restaurant to Au Cheval (the actual place to claim the best burger in Chicago, I have yet to try it, and it is definitely on my list). The place is casual dining, walk up, order, pay, grab some sauce, and wait for your food. I am spoiled with living way too close to this place so I typically order and bring it home. The menu is the simplest menu you will ever see, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fried and a shake or two. They have some alcohol too and beer, which goes great with the burgers.

I typically order my burger with bacon and everything except for dijonaise. Sometimes I will add lettuce and tomato, but I suggest not adding too much other than bacon and really tasting this burger for what it is. Perfection. This burger really made me appreciate well seasoned good burger meat. The burger is also very well thought out, two patties, two slices of cheese, diced onion, small pickles, its so simple and every single ingredient is so incredibly good. My mouth is watering just writing this post. If you are in the Wicker Park area I really suggest you check this place out. 

What is your favorite burger that you have ever tried? Send reccos my way!