I have been using this oil for about a month now, and I haven’t been able to use anything else. My hair is super long (and color-treated) these days and although my regular oils are great, this one is super light and nourishing. One or two drops are enough for even the longest hair, and you can feel how ‘luxuriously light’ it is. At the same time those one or two drops leave my hair super smooth and incredibly healthy. 

This oil is another one on my list of things that smell amazing. Its infused with a rich blend of jasmine, edelweiss flower, lychee, sandalwood, cassis, bergamot (my favorite) and Argan extracts. Works wonders on dry, damaged and color-treated hair. A great addition to any hair routine and a pretty piece for the vanity. This will set you back $55, but for this type of oil I think its worth it.