One of my favorite low key brunch spots was inspired by the early 20th century saloons which used to be very popular in wicker park. Their vibe is casual with upscale drinks and a seasonal menu with some delicious staples. Walk in on a Saturday morning or afternoon and the place will be loud and packed with people, and the smells will be incredible.

Brunch here consists of various raw oysters, snacks for the table (the fries are delicious), and you can’t go wrong with their bottomless coffee. The menus change every few which keeps me coming back for more. Some of my favorite things so far have been:

Avocado Toast – Always adding an egg to this. This toast came with cucumber too which I loved because it made it more light and salad-y.

Mojo Rojo Sausage with pretty much anything is delicious, usually also comes with seasonal items. Up top I had it with house potatoes and recently had it with some marinated eggplants, carrots, and a soft boiled egg.

Their House Cheeseburger served with a fried egg, of course, this burger can definitely compete with some of the better burgers in the area.

Lox Omelette was very different, luscious and incredible with their house made bread toast. 

Slagel Ham & Eggs is also a seasonal item, but its so good I had to share. I love anything from Slagel farms and I love a good hearty, simple breakfast like this.


House Gumbo is something I have not seen on their menu in a very long time. Me and my bf love anything creole and this spicy gumbo not only has amazing sausage but also includes tiny shrimp which are so good. I hope they bring this back soon.