Nude is one of my favorite colors, its the color I get most often when I get manicures. There are so many shades of nude, its my second choice, next to black, for an easy outfit. I especially love pairing different nudes together to get that ‘KKW’ vibe.

As I was cleaning out my ‘stuff’ recently I came to realize  that I not only have a lot of nude nail polish but it has outgrown the rest of my polish collection, which is pretty extensive. I love how any nude polish can match any outfit thats why most super models have either nude or light pink polish on. Check out some of my current favorites below:

Bare With Me Essie Polish – this is a really pretty toned down light apricot.


Frill Seeker Miracle Gel Sally Hansen – a very pinky-nude, and a miracle gel polish that needs no light maybe just the seche vive instant gel effect top coat, (also, sans light).

Re-nude color therapy Sally Hansen – Another gray undertones nude, but this one is formulated with Argan formula to strengthen and keep nails healthy.

in Nude-tral Insta Dry Sally Hansen – this one is great when you need something super quick. One coat, with a base and top coat of course, and you’re good to go in 10 min. or less. 

Brown Nose Sally Hansen – The darker nude, and a nice break from the lighter options above. Love this one for a night out, paired with matching suede heels.

Sweet Tea Miracle Gel Sally Hansen – I had to include the lightest option I own as well. This is the lightest nude although I shouldn’t even be calling this a nude because its so light and is almost a lighter peachy pink. 

What are your favorite nude polishes?