Here is my roundup of everything you need to make sure your skin is ready for the sun both inside and out. 

I just ordered the MelanoBoost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil and the one with Bronzer in it and I cannot wait to try it out. I love the idea of being able to get darker faster, and I really hope this stuff smells good! I will definitely share a full review once I try these out. 

These BaliBody tanning oils are so luxurious and smell incredible. I used to have the Cacao Tanning Oil way back in the day. So when I found out they were coming out with the Pineapple Tanning Oil I had to order it. Pineapple and coconut are some of my favorite summer smells. These oils provide a super deep tan while nourishing your skin, but I would still spray some stronger SPF if you burn easily because these are only SPF 6. 

I have been using Glossier’s products for a very long time, so anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love everything they create. I have been wearing Invisible Shield ever since it came out, I use it every, single, day, and I absolutely love it! It is completely non-greasy, has an almost primer-like quality and leaves skin ready for makeup, or can be worn just as is. I really recommend this to anyone who may have issues with some of the chemicals in drugstore SPF. Or if you you simply want a less oily, cleaner texture this will be your go to your SPF. 


I have been getting more red bumps under my skin and even though they are gone and it was a temporary thing, I still wanted to do some sort of light cleanse. I found these HUM Nutrition supplements at Sephora, but their website is amazing too. I am on day 5 of the Daily Cleanse and I feel great and my skin looks great. I think I want to try Red Carpet to strengthen my hair or Moody Bird for PMS symptoms like cramps and their Cleanse to the Rescue has some amazing ingredients too!

While grabbing the Hum Nutrition Supplements, I also got The Full Moon Satchets and I pretty much finished all of them. My favorite was the Beauty Dust, I cannot wait to reorder, but I may just grab the True Beauty duo instead. All of their things look amazing like the Super You, and their Probiotics

What are your favorite supplements and tanning products? Send recommendations my way, I would love to hear from you!