People have always asked me how I get my legs so smooth. There’s really no secret. Its all about taking good care of the skin and using a sharp new blade, no expensive items necessary. To prove to you how easy this is I am sharing my tips and tricks on how to get your smoothest shave ever. It does not matter what area you’re shaving, legs, pits, or bikini area, apply the same methods and you will get your smoothest easiest shave yet.


Some tips first because those are almost more important than the shaving itself.

-Shave at the end of your shower once your skin has been properly steamed, and you will have an easier smoother shave.

-Shave with a clean new razor, especially if you’re shaving your bikini area.

-Make sure the area is clean (another reason to do this at the end of your shower).

-Be patient and shave slow. 

-Don’t press the razor down, just use the weight of the razor itself.

-Don’t go over the same area without adding more shaving cream/lather/ whatever you are using.

-Don’t rub towels over the area when drying, pat dry.

-Stand comfortably so that you don’t slip.

Quick How To:

  1. Exfoliate, especially if you haven’t shaved in a while
  2. Apply Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter
  3. Add Dr. Carver’s Shave Lather on top. Lather well.
  4. Shave
  5. Rinse
  6. Exfoliate
  7. Rinse
  8. Pat dry – everything after this is optional except for moisturizing legs 🙂
  9. Witch Hazel on a soft cotton round wipe across inflamed area
  10. Serum for Bikini area
  11. Moisturizer for legs
  12. Fur Oil

The Products:

Dr. Carver’s for Dollar Shave Club – They have products that are amazing.  Best part? No need to go anywhere. They deliver straight to your house. They have my go-to products like Shave Butter and Shave Lather, as well as the Repair Serum. You can also pause your deliveries at any time if you want to skip a delivery, its super easy and I really recommend this for people who shave all the time.











Venus with Olay Shave Cream – This is, by far, my favorite shaving cream ever. I used to shave with the cheapest mens shaving cream (Barbasol anyone?) it worked and I didn’t think anything of it. Then I was at target, browsing, and I found this. It smells incredible, goes from creamy lotion to a light cream in seconds and leaves my legs super smooth and my skin hydrated. 

St. Ives Scrub – Exfoliating with something round, especially for Bikini areas, is key. I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub for this. I know this is a facial scrub but I love using it for my legs and bikini area too. These scrubbers they are not harsh, they are round and this citrus scrub smells amazing. 

Witch Hazel Witch hazel is a miracle liquid. I use it for practically everything. In this case I use it as a toner to take down redness and inflammation due to shaving. Best when used with soft round cotton round and applied in circular motions. Unscented is best and this Thayers one is alcohol free so you can use it for the bikini area too.

Repair SerumDr. Carver’s Repair Shave Serum is my favorite for any shaved areas. I also order this through Dollar Shave Club. It absorbs quickly, has a nice texture and really helps skin that has sensitivity to shaving.


Fur Oil – I recently discovered this line of products and not only am I in love with their marketing, but the products are amazing. I mean everything from the Fur Oil to this Ingrown Concentrate is to die for! Formulated with coconut oil, Tea Tree oil (one of my favorite oils), Tamanu Oil and Chamomile Extract. This elixir will help you get rid of any issues you have. I cant wait to try all of their products.

What are your tips and tricks for shaving? Send them my way.