I have been using the Dollar Shave Club service for a few years now. I absolutely love everything I’ve gotten from them. I really can’t recommend their service enough. They are super affordable, convenient and are delivered to my house monthly. Clean new razors every week are now as simple as reaching into my bathroom drawer.

The Dollar Shave club also happens to make amazing products too. Enter Shave Butter a more gel like formula that reminds me of Milky Jelly Cleanser and Shave Lather which is much more like your typical tube shave lather. The Lather has a new formula too, I can’t wait to get it once I run out of my current batch. Anyway, both the Butter and Lather are amazing for legs, armpits and the delicate bikini area. Be on the lookout for a future Dollar Shave Club: Bikini Edition coming soon. Try their Essentials Kit if you’re on the fence to test some product, you will love everything just as much as I do!

*Post is not sponsored by Dollar Shave Club, I just really like them and all opinions are my own. Pictures courtesy of Dollar Shave Club!