This has to be my most requested item. So I have rounded up my current favorite leather leggings. I’m very particular about the fit so things like seams  and length and overall fit make a huge difference. Slight disclaimer on this though, I am 5’10 so I would always just check the fit or model height in the product details, and always keep an eye out for sales!

  1. Commando Faux Leather Leggings – These are really good quality, not super stretchy, and run about 1/2 size small so if you want a but more breathing room size up ($98). They are also very high rise, so if you’re into that these are all you. I felt like these feel a bit, too leathery (they are very true to leather look) and not super breathable and therefore can get uncomfortable if sitting in them for too long. But they look great for a night out. These are definitely the least sporty pair, and I wouldn’t recommend working out in these.

  1. Spanx – I snagged a leather pair of these around black Friday, and have been wearing them non stop ($98). They are thinner leather leggins, but are still super high quality and extremely comfortable to wear. I can sit in them at work all day. the waist control band is amazing. The leather is not too shiny, but a but more metallic looking than Commando, and the these stay put, no worries about the upper band rolling down. Wear them out or casually, booties, and even sneakers are beyond cute. I will be definitely be purchasing another pair and have had my eye on these amazing leopard leather ones. These are by far my favorites on the list, so if you’re going to grab any of these, Spanx is my top recommendation.

  1. Carbon 33 – Now I don’t have a pair of these, but these look super cool and are definitely next on my list. Carbon 33 Full Length Takara Legging is at a higher price point $109 for the leggings, but all the prints look really awesome, especially these blue Leopard ones too.

  1. Alo Motto Leggings – This is the sportiest option out of the whole bunch. You will see many celebs wearing these too and I totally get why. Alo leggings are super comfy and thick and are perfect for a casual day or even dressing up a little with booties and a nice shirt for work. These are the highest price point at $114, and to be honest I am not sure why since the leather parts are panels, and not the whole legging. But either way I love the quality and fit so definitely still recommend.

Do you know of any other good leather leggings? Send them my way!