Happy monday. Borrowed from a meme I saw today, but very relevant to Mondays: Would you rather be at work or in Joe Goldberg’s glass box? (for those who have not yet seen You, you must!). Mondays have definitely been a struggle in 2020, but getting back in the swing of things feels great.

On that note I wanted to share some items from one of my favorite brands. I have practically tried every product from this South Korean skincare brand started by Amore Pacific in the 90’s. I first heard about Laneige (translates to “the snow”) because of the viral water sleeping mask which is amazing especially during the summer and of course the Lip Sleeping Mask which is probably now their most popular product. I really like how mild and effective the products are and I am sure you have already heard of these, but just in case here are my favorites from Laneige.

  1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – Ive been using the original pink tub for years, and it is as good as everyone says it is. I used to have the smaller tubs, and loved it so much I bought a few of the bigger size ones so that I have one for my purse, my nightstand and a spare in case they sell out. I am a huge texture person, as you all know by now, and this is one of the best textured lip products out there. These now also come in Vanilla and Apple Lime, which I have my eye on next.
  2. Lip Glowy Balm – When I am not using the Lip Sleeping Mask, I have one of these in either Berry or Pear on me. These are just as good as the Sleeping Mask but a tad less dense, and more glossy. These smell amazing too, I really don’t like when things are too scented, but these are just super juicy and not overwhelming.



  1. Hydration To Go – If you’re unsure and want to try a few products without committing, this To Go! travel pack is perfect to grab for your next trip. I got one of these for my friend for her birthday a few years ago, and introduced her to the brand, and she still raves about it. The Hydration Dream Team is also super good and includes a Lip Sleeping Mask too, so I would definitely recommend grabbing one to throw in your gym bag.
  1. Laneigne Essential Power Skin Toner – Toners have been my winter solution to essences. I don’t really like splashing water or anything to watery onto my face when its below 30 degrees outside. So a toner is a perfect way to get the extra hydration and keep the skin balanced especially when you follow with a good moisturizer to lock it all in. This toner also doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped and also improves the look of skin since it has moisture maximizing minerals like Zinc and Magnesium.

What Laneige products have you tried? Any I should grab next time I am at Sephora? Send recommendations my way!