I keep a Google Sheet with a list of luxurious things I won’t buy for myself but things that I’ve shared this with my S.O. especially around Valentine’s day and other holidays. An exchange of lists like this keeps everyone you share it with on budget keeps everyone from buying each other ‘more junk.’ It is not meant to replace sentimental gifts, just meant to guide people to actually get you what you want and may need. I have shared this idea with family and friends and it really works well. Some of my current cravings below:

Teddy Blake Eva Black 13″ Purse– timeless classic, can’t go wrong with a nice black bag

Ring Concierge – I love everything she does. Her instagram @ringconcierge is beyond amazing, I really recommend this to anyone, married or not. My favorites are the Open Heart Ring and the Starry Night Ring or this gorgeous Shooting Star.

Tiffany bracelet – so cheesy, but I lost mine a really long time ago and have wanted to replace it ever since.

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection Cream – this whole line of Dior products can be found at Sephora and looks so amazing I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Especially doubled with the Glow Booster and their Redness Soother all look amazing. I may just have to get this for myself.

Share some of your Valentine’s day wish lists with me!