I am really picky with my shampoos and conditioners, but have been wanting to branch out of my usual hair product routine. The hair gods must have heard me because a few days after getting my hair done, I received a Voxbox* from Influenster with the most amazing Moroccan Oil Color Collection! The collection, consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and a Protective Spray that have helped keep my hair healthy and have helped my hair color last much longer (especially after 10 uses). I have been using these over the last few weeks and decided to go through the full 10 uses before giving feedback. I am glad I am able to receive and test new great products like these, especially when its for something like my hair which I invest a lot of time and effort into maintaining. If you’re into hair products and need a good protective routine for color treated hair you should definitely read on for my feedback!

Color Continue Shampoo is a mild restorative shampoo that helps improve color retention by restoring hair health, hair will look glossier and more vibrant with each usage. A little goes a long way with this formula as it is very concentrated, so I suggest using a little bit at first. This sulfate-free shampoo, is formulated with Moroccan Oil’s proprietary technology, that repairs and nourishes the hair physically and chemically. I noticed changes in my hair after the first few washes, so be patient and let the products rebuild your hair over time. My hair is much more glossy now has a healthy shine to it and is much more manageable all around. I am also seeing a lot less breakage and my hair feels stronger. People typically don’t believe me that all my hair is actually mine, and now that I am using these products I get that more than ever. My one issue with this, is the scent. Its fresh and other people love it, I am just not into it, but that hasn’t stopped me from using it time and time again.

The Color Conditioner is a wonderful color conditioner that is nourishing but also doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. The Color Complete Conditioner rebuilds the keratin structure to restore hair fiber and locks in color. This conditioner makes the hair soft as soon as it touches the hair. I use my fingers to gently work the product from my ends, where I concentrate the majority of the product, and up the hair shaft to make sure that the hair is nourished throughout. I suggest leaving this on the hair for at least a few minutes for a deeper conditioning treatment. The conditioner also infuses Argan oil into the cortex of the hair which also makes the hair healthier and less prone to breakage. The one thing I would say I did not like was the scent, same as the shampoo, so if that is a deal breaker for you, go and smell the product before ordering it online.

The Protect & Prevent Spray is currently my favorite spray! I use it after showering on wet hair to help with detangling. I always spray extra before blow drying my hair too and sometimes even after straightening to give it that ‘lived in’ look. This Protective Spray is made with Varisoft which helps protect hair against breakage and frizz. Heliogenol is another mazing ingredient in this spray that helps prevent residual oxidation of color, and the stripping of haircolor pigments from the hair, super important for anyone who dyes their hair. For some reason the spray smells a little different than the shampoo and conditioner and I actually really like this scent. 

What are your favorite new products for color treated hair? Send recommendations my way!


*I received this product free from Influenster, but the opinions expressed above are my own.