I have been trying to keep my morning routine simple and effective so that my skin can be ready for both my dog walk and my morning workout. Here are my current ‘sink items’ that keep my skin clear, hydrated and protected. 

IT Cosmetics – Confidence in A Cleanser –  This is what I have been reaching for when I want something stronger than Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser, but still just as hydrating. This is a slightly foaming cleansing serum that you rub on your skin for 30 seconds, and then wash off (great for taking off makeup). Skin is hydrated, clean, and fresh. Formulated with Collagen, for a youthful appearance, Ceramides, to lock in hydration and my favorite Colloidal oatmeal, to soothe and soften the skin. Needles to say this cleanser is packed with beneficial ingredients that will beautify your skin from the very first cleanse. 

Glossier – Super Pure – this has been such a staple in my routine, that I just subscribed to it and never looked back. It is my favorite for layering on during the day, especially on those days where I am not going to wear any makeup. With temperatures in the high 90’s every day, I don’t wear any makeup at all so might as well get some blemish care involved. This serum is light, is packed with Zinc and Niacinamide,  absorbs quickly and is my recommendation for anyone with any blemishes or redness. 

Belif Creamy Deep Moist Moisutrizer – I use this religiously during the winter, but because of the heat my skin tends to dry out a bit faster. I have already started drinking more water which helps, but I also switched to using this moisturizer every few days. It keeps my skin super happy (more about Belif Moisturizer here on Winter Products for Skin) hydrated and non-greasy. This milky, creamy, absolutely amazing texture cream will leave you wondering why you only stuck to aqua bomb. 

Supergoop! x Milly Defense Mist – I love Supergoop! because I know I will be getting a clean product and this mist is SPF 50 so your future you will thank you. This superfine mist can be sprayed anywhere, just don’t forget to shake the can to activate the SPF! This mist is so light I forgot I was wearing it a few times. I especially love that its scent free and the packaging with Milly is a great addition to any summertime cabana.

I typically finish off my minimal look with some deodorant (not on the natural train yet) a spritz of my current favorite Stella Peony and I am ready for my day!

Send your favorite summer products for that quick morning routine my way.