People who know me know that I have a thing with my hair. It’s super long, healthy and typically people don’t believe me that it is real. I pride myself on taking very good care of my hair (for more Hair Care see post) and I wanted to share a line of products that have been a game changer for me. The Nexxus Keraphix system has been a life saver this winter. I first found out about this line from Something Navy a blogger I follow from New York. I color my hair so anything having to do with hair repair is a must try. I ordered the mini version of all the products as soon as these launched and started testing all the products so I could share my thoughts with you!

I typically judge hair products on three things: what they promise (repair, hydration etc.), whether they actually do what they promise, and smell, although last, is super important to me. This system includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque and a reconstructing treatment, all designed for severely damaged hair. The items are made with Oriental Black Rice which is known for being nourishing and healing. Damaged hair typically lacks Glutamic acid and these products have this vital nutrient and feed your hair with it.

These products deliver on all three accounts! My hair was incredibly soft and healthier after just one use. I had an easier time styling it, as well as wearing it air dried and more natural. After a few times of using this, I could tell my hair felt nourished, my ends broke less, and my half blonde mane now felt like my hair from before I started dying it. I now use the whole system once a week to keep my hair healthy and beautiful. I recommend this whole system to anyone who dyes their hair, or for people simply looking to improve the look and feel of their hair dramatically.

Are there any new hair products you guys think will eventually become cult items?