I will be honest, I used to to not be into skincare or makeup at all. I was a complete tomboy for most of my teens, aside from some super shiny gloss and eye liner. Now I am proud to say that my skincare and makeup has gone in the other direction. I now want to try everything. I read and educate myself on ingredients and and whether this serum can work with this oil. I am mildly obsessed with skincare and makeup, which is part of the reason why I started this site. Long story short me and my routine have come a long way so back to these amazing boosters from Dr. Dennis Gross

I bought this pack of three  Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Boosters as my first more serious skin care buy. Little did I know I would still be using it almost 7 years later and loving it just as much. I try so many products. Who can blame me? The skincare and makeup industry moves faster than the internet sometimes. So I just like to take it back to some good tested products that I know will work. These 3 clinical concentrates are all amazing and unique. These are the products that I have bought again and again and I recommend them to everyone. My mom loves the Radiance booster, and my boyfriend just kept my Purifying Booster at his house for a while until he got his own (more on that later).  

Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters are meant to transform your face. Each booster contains  clinical-strength ingredients. The best part is Dr. Dennis Gross has made using these super easy, you can apply these directly to your face, or mix into moisturizer, or even add a few drops to makeup. 

The Purifying Booster is first because its my favorite. I have used it on breakouts and on hormonal acne and it has helped tremendously. Witch Hazel  and Green Tea Extract, are just two simple ingredients but they are two of my favorite ‘old school’ astringents that are super good for acne prone skin when used properly  (more on these to come so stay tuned). Salicylic Acid is great with blemishes, helps gently exfoliate and minimize pores. and Phytic Acid which helps with inflammation. The Hydration Booster has Hyaluronic Acid which helps bind moisture to skin, as well as coconut fruit juice which stimulates circulation and my favorite watermelon Extract which is rich in both Vitamin C and amino acids and promotes your cell turnover. The Radiance Booster has Hydrolyzed Collagen which lifts and firms all while stimulating collagen.

Try these yourself and let me know how you like them!

Clinical Concentrate Purifying Booster

Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster

Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster